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Some engineering cases of Meijie board

Product introduction

  Meijie board is a kind of modern high-tech green building decoration precoated board, with 100% asbestos free calcium silicate board as the base plate, after surface treatment and fine processing. It has excellent characteristics of sterilization, odor removal, decomposition of formaldehyde, self-cleaning, mildew resistance, UV resistance, weathering resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, fire-proof, non combustible, moisture-proof and so on.

Scope of application

  It is widely used in subway station, tunnel engineering, underground engineering, clean field (such as hospital, machine room, electronic factory, food factory, pharmaceutical factory, daily chemical factory) and other places.

Case study:

Yangxin people's Hospital

2020071530912605.jpg  2020071530912713.jpg

Binzhou Xinyue rehabilitation hospital

2020071530978543.jpg  2020071530978619.jpg

Changchun FAW General Hospital

2020071531006979.jpg  2020071531006885.jpg

Inner Mongolia Xing'an League maternal and child health care hospital

2020071531030041.jpg  2020071531030073.jpg

Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities

2020071531057013.jpg  2020071531057089.jpg2020071531057089.jpg



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