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Diatomite bath mat

1)Product Description

  Diatomite mat is a kind of pure natural ,zero pollution ,breathing decorative sheet material. Our Bath Mat makes every bath or shower you take safer and more sanitary and helps minimize the risk of slips and falls while preventing the growth of bacteria and build-up of soap residues. Diatomite mat are made of ancient phytoplankton (diatoms) as raw materials ,which has functions as super absorbent, antibacterial deodorant, non-slip and so on.You won't have to worry about getting your floor wet after you come out of the bathroom .

  Diatomite is a kind of natural siliceous rocky soil with neutral PH value, safe, light and soft texture as well as strong adsorption. Compact and hard bath mat is made for your daily convenience.


  1.Quick water absorption


  3.Anti bacterial


  5.Absorbed formaldehyde

  Made for safety and comfort- Natural diatomite material without any chemical colorants, safe, therapeutic and practical with pleasant flavors of fresh earth.

  Anti-slip and extra absorbent - Flat, stable and hard board with super strong water absorption, no matter how wet your feet are, our Non-Slip Bath Mat isn't going to let you fall victim to one of the leading causes of serious home injuries. Whenever you step, your footing will be safe and secure

  Anti-bacterial bathroom accessory- Mold, mildew and bacteria love to hide on the bath mat in your shower rug. With our Bath Mat, you never have to worry about that. It will always keep your floor in a dry condition, then mold stays away.

  Easy cleaning shower mat- When there are stains, wash with running water or wipe with a wet cloth/sponge, then air dry, our Bath Mat will quickly refresh itself with excellent performance.

  Stylish neutral design looks great- No matter what your home style is, this gorgeous, large mat with a plain color will fit your home elegantly.

3)Friendly reminders

  1) Do NOT step on this bath mat with your shoes, otherwise the stains will be sucked into this product.

 2) If you feel micronized powders on the surface, this is not a quality problem but a normal phenomenon generated in the productive process.

  3) If unlike to stand up with barefoot, recommended to spread a towel on the bath mat, the water of towel can be also absorbed, please feel at ease to use.

  4) Wash with running water or wipe with a wet cloth/sponge when there are stains on the bath mat.

  5) Clean with a brush or a piece of fine sandpaper when the bath mat is in a poor condition.

  6) In order to avoid causing any curling or cracking problems, put it in a well-ventilated place to air dry away from the direct sunlight.

  7)How to take care? When there is stains on the surface ,washing it by water and use sandpaper gently grinding the surface until removed.Then let it dry naturally. The quickly renwing bath mats looks the same as the new one.

  We can print LOGO according to your request, if you have any questions, pls contact us directly or leave a message, tks


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