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Polished clean water plate

Polished water board

A. Product introduction

  The polished board produced by Binzhou Lvbang board Co., Ltd. is made of special non asbestos fiber reinforced cement board or calcium silicate board as the substrate by special surface treatment process. It has beautiful and smooth surface, fire and water resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other excellent characteristics, and is widely used in various wall, column and other parts of the decoration.

B. Characteristics of polished board products

  1. Good fireproof performance: because it is not combustible, and it will absorb a lot of heat in the process of combustion in case of fire, delaying the rise of ambient temperature.

  2. Good decoration function: the surface of polished board is flat and smooth, and the primary color of board surface or other decoration can be directly used.

  3. Good constructability: the polished board can be cut, perforated and polished at will, which is very convenient for construction. It can be used as decoration, and traditional wet and dry hanging operation can be adopted, which greatly improves the construction efficiency.

  4. Green environmental protection: the polishing board uses natural silicon material, calcium material and fiber as raw materials. No glue and other materials releasing harmful gases are used in the production process, and there is no asbestos harmful to human body.

  5. Complete specifications: conventional specifications: 2440 * 1220 * 6 / 8mm color: light gray, medium gray, dark gray

  6. Wide application: polishing board is not only a surface material but also a base material. It has a unique effect as a surface material and can be used as a base material safely. It is mainly used in the interior wall, ceiling, household props and other parts of office buildings, hotels, clubs, colleges, various exhibition halls and other areas.



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