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Fireproof Low-density board

Fireproof Low-density board

  Lvbang fireproof low-density  board is a special indoor product, and it is available in a variety of thicknesses and specifications. The main raw materials are high-grade cement, virgin wood pulp fiber, ultra-fine quartz sand, etc., which are made by special processes and surface treatments. They are 100% free of asbestos, formaldehyde, and radioactivity. They are environmentally friendly materials.


1)Lightweight and high strength

  The board has a density of less than 1.0g/cm3, light weight and high strength. It is used for indoor ceilings and partition walls, which can effectively reduce the weight of the building and is easy to install.

2)Fire prevention

  Under high temperature conditions, the amount of expansion and contraction of low-density panels will be much smaller than that of high-density panels. Therefore, in the field of fire protection, low-density panels have more advantages. They can be used for various types of fire-resistant components and can still maintain the integrity of the panels in the event of a fire. Sex, will not burn or collapse.


  The board has a good "breathing and humidity control" function. In a humid and temperature changing environment, it can quickly reach the balance of humidity and temperature with the surrounding environment, and resist deformation and sag.


  The main raw materials of the board are Portland cement, quartz sand, etc., which are all inorganic materials, which have excellent moisture-proof, insect-proof, and mildew-proof characteristics, and have a long service life.

5)Easy to process

  The board has large specifications and can be cut into a variety of sizes and shapes at will. The board has good flatness, easy to make surface decoration, and has strong practicability. It can also be used as a sound-absorbing member through perforation, which can effectively absorb sound and reduce noise and create quietness. , Comfortable indoor 

6)Easy to install

  The plate can be fixed on the keel frame by self-tapping screws. The whole process is dry operation and easy to install, which is beneficial to reduce labor costs and shorten the construction period. It is also beneficial to reduce the generation of construction waste and maintain a clean and tidy environment on the construction site.

B.Recommended Applications

  Indoor flue, ceiling, partition wall and other space areas with high requirements for fire protection.


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