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Art coated board

Artistic PVC coated plate

   Artistic PVC coated plate is made of high density calcium silicate board coated with PVC. We can install them on the wall directly without any more decorate. With the large proportion you can save a lot of time for decoration. We can provide customer with various colors and styles.Ⅰ.Features:

1.Fireproof, lots of colors and styles can be chosen;

2.Long service time;

3.Beautiful and elegant;

4.Environment friendly with no radiation;

5.Shorten the construction period.


1.Interior decoration of pubic areas such as hotel,waiting hall of bus station railway station and departure lounge and so on;

2.Interior decoration of home areas such as the all of bedroom,child-room,the living room,dining room and other places;

3.Interior decoration of business buildings such as office,meeting room,reception room,lobby etc.

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